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Dustin Sparks SVP, Creative Level5 Events

Senior Vice President of Creative Dustin Sparks has over 30 years of experience building events that move audiences, with stunning and innovative design, educational and impact-rich programming, and immersive and interactive environments. So, what’s the one thing Dustin says makes creative flourish? Strong strategy. You read that right. Even the best, most resonant creative, without a foundation of sound strategy, can miss the mark. Here’s how we make sure strategy is at the heart of any experience we design.




There’s a lot that goes into planning a memorable event. But despite intricate preparations and forethought, many events still fall short of delivering an experience that feels customized. This is why Level5 Events employs a comprehensive Strategic Design process to uniquely pinpoint the purpose and goals behind each experience and uncover the motivations of your target audience segments. It’s this unique combination of strategy and discovery that sets Level5, and its events, apart.




Each organization we partner with is a complex, multifaceted entity; that’s why we believe in building an event around your brand, strategic goals, and key messaging. The more we get to know your organization, the better we can craft an experience that drives connection.


Here’s what you can expect from a Level5 Strategic Design Phase:


We’ll partner with your organization to conduct discovery, including interviews with key stakeholders.

We’ll review your brand materials and existing collateral to develop compelling storylines and activation’s.

We’ll map the journey of each audience segment and use that to build a robust and deliberate messaging strategy.

We’ll conduct venue site visits and assist with selecting the ideal venue for your experience and goals.




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